Today I would like to introduce one person. That person is Kwon Hyeok-don, the baseball coach at Global Advanced School whom I visited for the first time to donate baseball talent after retiring from the SK baseball team in 2014.

Coach Kwon Hyuk-don graduated from Shinil Middle and High School in Seoul, a prestigious baseball school, and began his career as a coach at Shinil Middle and High School. He is currently coaching players as the head coach of the HBC baseball team at Shema Christian School (Middle School).

As can be seen from his 26 years of coaching experience, he is an outstanding leader in terms of his long field experience and leading players and coaching staff. His systematic training and passion for guidance amazes even Namado, who has lived a baseball career for over 50 years.

Above all, I think that caring for athletes with love and guiding athletes younger than their children with the heart of a big father are virtues that all sports coaches in our country should learn, regardless of sports.

Director Kwon Hyuk-don, who has this kind of character, said even though he is quite young, “I will not be able to do anything until the day the director is active, but I will become a manager and assist the director.” Director Kwon Hyuk-don, who promised this, has been helping me more sincerely than his own work even now, 10 years later.

Even after 10 years, Director Kwon Hyuk-don continues to be my hands and feet faithfully as a volunteer. Manager Kwon Hyuk-don is always happy to help me with my work, and he says, “I hope you never feel burdened.” Thanks to Manager Kwon Hyuk-don, I have been able to travel domestically and overseas without any problems for the past 10 years.

Manager Kwon Hyuk-don manages all my schedules. He manages all schedules, from talent donations to lectures, church testimonies, and important meetings. If it weren’t for manager Kwon Hyuk-don, it might not have been possible to donate talent across the country or overseas like now. In particular, they would not have even dared to spread baseball to the Indochina Peninsula.

What Manager Kwon Hyuk-don pays most attention to these days is schedule management. He said that he would not tire of me, who is in his late 60s, and that he would help me achieve many good things as a baseball player and a person of faith. It’s your share.메이저놀이터

If it weren’t for Manager Kwon Hyuk-don’s thorough management and protection over the past 10 years, I probably would have gotten exhausted and given up halfway through. Even now, at 5 am, I am heading down from Incheon to Gunsan to donate my talent. I left too early and got off at the Seocheon rest area and am writing this while resting comfortably.

I hope that my co-worker and beloved manager, Coach Kwon Hyuk-don, can spread his good influence to more aspiring baseball players.

Thanks to this wonderful and wonderful manager, Kwon Hyuk-don, I will continue to travel around the country and overseas until I am in my 80s and convey to the world what I am best at, baseball. I want to pass on the knowledge and experience I have to growing youth, baseball players, and people around the world. I want to spend the rest of my life happily with them.

Thank you, Manager Kwon Hyuk-don…

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