The online prankster Dennis Roady has come up with a prank that almost gives people a heart attack. And who wouldn’t get a heart attack if he sees his precious car damaged and scratched as badly as one can imagine? Roady couldn’t help to have some fun by downloading an app called “Dude, Your Car,” which allows Apple iPhone users to edit previously taken pictures and to add some serious, but fake, scratches.

Naturally, the pranking session was caught on video, where you can see how people are freaking out over damages to vehicles ranging from the Mercedes-Maybach S600 to Dodge Challenger and Audi R8.

Roady was actually hired by the Russian YouTube channel to convey their impressions of the Motor Show in Detroit, but he could not resist joking with exhibitors, especially the hostess girls.

See how people looked and react when Roady show them “damaged” cars: