The monstrous versions of the 2015 Ford Mustang tuned by Steeda and Roush tuning companies went viral.  Why wouldn’t they when these versions feature a very high number horsepower! Tuners from Roush and Steeda had prepared their own versions of the Ford Mustang 2015 model that will be on the market soon – and the 5-liter V8 petrol will offer plenty of horsepower! People from Roush in collaboration with Ford Motorsport will offer a bolt-on compressor kit that will allow the 5-liter V8 engine to offer 600 instead of the standard 435 horsepower.

The versions of the Ford Mustang tuned by Steeda and Roush will pack 435 HP

steeda ford mustang 2015 modified

The interesting thing is that this kit will be available through the official Ford dealers and customers will keep the car warranty if trained Ford professionals install it. On the other hand, the tuners from Steeda will take a significant step further and offer three tuning versions. They will build the great V8 engine from 435 to 480, 650 or 775 horsepower probably using a compressor.

According to changes in the engine, Steeda will offer modifications to the suspension and chassis, as well as some exterior modifications. With 775 horsepower available, we hope it’ll get bigger brakes as well.

Ford Racing and ROUSH Performance Ford Mustang 2015 Supercharger Kit video is a must see: