This was the first picture of the injured F1 legend Michael Schumacher that has been smuggled out of his home since his tragic skiing accident in 2013.

Although there were a number of requests for privacy, a picture of seven-time F1 world champ was offered to several publications for $1.4m. Schumacher is lying in his hospital bed at his home in Geneva, Switzerland since he has sustained severe head injuries in a 2013 skiing accident. The accident left him unable to stand and walk according to the last update on his health given in September.

The picture has been secretly taken and the ghoulish photograph apparently has been offered to a European media outlet for $1.4m. With this Schumacher’s “personal range of life” has been violated and prosecutors have been investigating the incident.

Sabine Kehm is Schumacher’s manager agreed that charges have been filed against the unknown photographer over the invasion of privacy. Schumacher family stated that they only want the paparazzi to let Michael recover and live in peace.

Paparazzi have become a routine nightmare for them, they say, as they would hide in the forest around Schumacher’s Swiss villa. They even go to great lengths and try to shoot from helicopters.

michael schumacher photo

They recall to one incident when Michael was in the hospital, one photographer, disguised as a priest, tried to come in and take photos.

But not only pictures of celebrities are up for sale, in June 2014, Michael’s medical records were stolen and put up for sale.

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