Midnight rider is a limousine that made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records. It’s four times longer than a limo, as tall as two Cadillac Escalades stacked on top of each other, it looks like a truck and sounds like a locomotive. Do you think you’ve seen extreme limousines? Think again!

Midnight rider is big and wide enough to accommodate 40 people.

The Midnight Rider is what you need to have a nice time while on the road, or maybe when you’ll hit the road to Vegas. It’s the heaviest, the most expensive limousine in the world bound to provide some fun time. The Midnight rider is not what you’ve expected from a limo. It’s a tractor-trailer limousine. There is still room for pole dancing, though.

The Midnight Rider is weighs 22,933 kg and 70-foot long. It was built between 1977 and 2004 somewhere in Southern California. It has a license and you can travel throughout the USA.

This limo has got 4,200 parts fabricated in-house and that’s about 90 percent of it. Its aluminum belt is 16 times thicker when compared with the typical, big rig. That’s one of its features that makes it incredibly unique It is a vehicle that needs a solid and safe frame. Its trailer employs an H-frame stainless-steel construction, which along with the belt and aircraft-quality welds, make sure the interior party space is secure.

A 435 HP Peterbilt 379 tractor provides the towing power and the rig’s 22 wheels and over-sized brakes are keeping the mammoth mobile disco in check.

To rent this limo you need to cash in “$1000 per hour”. The Midnight Rider is not a low-class vehicle – it comes with a crew of five: two drivers, a bartender a hostess, and an operation specialist.