Mercedes IAA Concept is more than a car, more than an aerodynamic car,  more than an Intelligent car. Mercedes IAA is more than everything. The IAA stands for Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobilе, which is what this car is.

The presence of the concept IAA at Motor Show in Frankfurt is a testimony that the automotive industry has changed fundamentally. The main subject of these changes is digitalization.

As a brand that caused all major revolution in the automotive world, the concept IAA is a proof that the real and the virtual world merge into each other, explains the head of Mercedes-Dieter Zetsche. The essence of the Concept IAA is actually merging the two cars in one.

Mercedes Concept IAA-Future Car-3

When the vehicle speed exceeds 80 km/h, it automatically switches from the aerodynamic design mode and there are numerous tricks to facilitate penetration through the air. It can literally change its form.

The cabin Concept IAA is a repeated a line from designer Saloon Class S, including a variety of new features. The purposive innovative interior features four separate seats, and despite the large central display, it has two additional displays through which the driver can manage the air conditioner and outline the parameters of the engine.

Concept IAA is powered by a hybrid combination of petrol and electric motor, which delivers 279 HP. This power is enough to accelerate the car to 250 km/h. If only the electric motor is used, it can pass 32 km.

With the push of a button, the Mercedes Concept IAA performs a fascinating transformation. The elegant four-door coupe turns into a leader in aerodynamics. The tail rear end grows by up to 390mm at speeds in excess of 50mph to make it more aerodynamically efficient. At the same time, the slats in the front bumper come 25 mm out = and 20 mm back to improve the airflow around the nose of the vehicle and on the front spoilers.

Setting records in aerodynamics is a tradition for Mercedes. Concept IAA is a continuation of a long tradition of vehicles with the superior aerodynamics. Thanks to the sensational concept that can always be applied in series production, the bodywork achieves 0.19 coefficient of resistance, which is peak vehicle of this size and a worthy car to be found in the gallery of historic racing cars from the brand, for example, despite Mercedes W25 1936.

The current series of Mercedes models already have set several world records in its segment. In 2013, the new CLA set a record with coefficient 0.22, a record as the supply of models of Mercedes, and among all vehicles in production.

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