Find out which beauty on four wheels will be a “friend” of James Bond in the new film Spectre. We all are used to watch films with the iconic agent 007 and enjoy watching all devices that he uses, but to attract audiences, are used the cars he drives.
In the 24 Bond film achievement, which will be called “Spectre”, the agent will be driving “Aston Martin“. The car has been specially designed for James Bond, and the model “DB 10” will transit in the new film. Its career will be sealed after only 10 samples because it will be made for film’s needs and some of the samples will certainly be destroyed during the filming.

According to Aston Martin, the protagonist in the service of the Queen made close collaboration with the film director Sam Mendes, who asked for the ultimate Spy Car. Bond Employer, MI6, would not disclose what kind of attributes has DB10. The company has refused to reveal many details of the “Aston Martin DB 10” so far, except that it raises the V8, and on the press conference at which the car was introduced, they only said: “You will see what this car can when you’ll watch the movie “.

This is a technology for new film car, featuring a V8 Vantage, including existing VH architecture and 4.7-liter V8 engine.

Aston Martin db10-james bond 007

This will be the twelfth time Bond, James Bond drives an “Aston Martin”, while the most famous car of this agent is probably the “Aston Martin DB 5” that was even driven in six films. Besides “Aston Martin”, it is rumored that the famous agent in a filmed in Rome, will ride and “Fiat 500” – whether it is true or not remains to be seen.

Real life, however, tells us that a new model of Aston Martin should not be expected before 2016. The first new model of this company will have a new architecture that is developing and 4-liter turbo V8 engine from AMG. Appellation DB10, this muscular coupe will be a faithful companion and useful tool of Daniel Craig in the fight against spies and terrorists in the latest James Bond film, called Spectre. Presented at the launch of the film in London, this model has no ambitions to leave the star sky on the screen and be civil service of ordinary mortals.

Watch the Aston Martin DB10 and James Bond movie Cast on this VIDEO: