Mazda confirmed that the next-generation of SkyActiv engines will employ HCCI technology and HCCI stands for Homogeneous charge compression ignition. It aims to produce diesel-like fuel efficiency for the cost of gasoline.

Mazda Turned Itself Into an MPG Leader its Thrifty SkyActiv Engines

If you want a car that’s enjoyable to drive, swing by the Mazda dealership. All of the vehicles get an added dose of sporty driving character. Some of its competitors have developed and subsequently given up on the tech; the result is fuel economy by 30 percent and at the same time reducing exhaust emissions.

Now, the automaker is doing something particularly revolutionary to boost the economy of its gasoline engines: Removing the spark plugs entirely.

New SkyActiv Engines Will Probably be Found Under the Hood of the Next-Gen Mazda3 in 2018.

Before making its way into other vehicles, the engine that uses HCCI burns the air/fuel mix using pressure instead of with spark plugs, just like a diesel will be used in Mazda3 firs. The gasoline engines of the automaker currently have high compression ratios, 14:1, however, move to HCCI means shifting compression to 18:1.

While everything seems good, using HCCI means dealing with many side issues. As gasoline doesn’t burn the same way as diesel, heat, revs, and fuel must all be carefully managed. The automaker seems confident that the issues have been sorted. If the new SkyActive engines make it to market with HCCI, Mazda will have out-engineered Daimler, GM and Hyundai.