Three Maserati models have been recalled for fire risk; they may either leak fuel or short-circuit. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that nearly 40,000 cars and SUVs are affected by the two issues that could pose a fire risk.

The first issue affects 2014-17 model years of all three cars and relates to a wiring harness layout under the front power seats, which can create the risk of a short-circuit and fire if get rubbed against metal portions of the seat frame as a result of seat adjustment.

Maserati says that Quattroporte, Ghibli, and Levante models could have been produced with an incorrect seat wiring harness layout.

Over time, this can lead to an inoperative seat adjustment system, and in rare cases, a potential risk of fire because of an electrical short to ground between the seat adjustment motor assembly and the seat wiring harness. Dealers should inspect and replace the wiring harness if needed. Owners of these three models to contact the company’s customer service at 1-201-510-2369 and use recall code 342, NHTSA advises.

Maserati says that the second issue stems from an assembly process used by a supplier.

The second issue also poses a fire risk in certain 2014-2015 Quattroporte and Ghibli sedans, in which the fuel lines can leak. A total of 10,879 cars are at risk. Potential fuel leaks may occur at any place along the fuel line because of the introduction of external pieces between the plastic fuel line and metal fuel line during the connection process, leading to scratches on the plastic fuel line portion.

Over time, a weeping or leaking fuel line may lead to a fire in the engine compartment or underneath the vehicle. The company advises that new fuel line onto the affected vehicles install should be installed.

It has told dealers to not sell any of the affected vehicles until this recall is performed. The NHTSA said that dealers will install a new fuel line in these vehicles.