Driving on parking lots is a period in which drivers develop their driving skills and it’s a period which we all experienced, some of us more, some less. But parking lots are a favorite place for stunt-driving enthusiasts as well.

In the following video, the fun has been taken to another level because the parking lot was full of Lamborghini cars, worth several hundred thousand dollars. The “secret weapon” for the dreadful drift, ladies, and gentlemen, is Its Majesty, Lamborghini Huracán.

And this time is probably quite superfluous to write – do not do this in your parking lot – because we are almost sure that you wouldn’t. This is something that professionals do – in this case the stuntman Samuel Hubinette, also known as “Crazy Swede” and his wife Stina Hubinette!

The model used in the video is equipped with special hydraulic handbrake, as well as special tires. And of course, hit play on the video and judge which one drifts better, Sam or Stina?

Check out the epic drift around the Lamborghini Newport Beach lot!