Over three decades ago, the 50-year old Dale Walter set his heart on recreating one of cinema’s most iconic cars and build his own Mad Max Interceptor.

To build a replica of the Police Interceptor featured in films from the Mad Max franchise, he first had to buy an Australian Ford Falcon. His first impression was that he has never paid more money for a piece of junk. He sprung $120.000 to convert the 1972 Ford Falcon into convincing Mad Max Interceptor.

The heart of the Interceptor Falcon is a 351 Cleveland, 450 HP, worth $12,000 and built by a performance engineering company.

The coolest thing is the engine sound. If you are wondering if the blower is real, we’ll tell you at once that it is not, as in the movie itself, the blower had been turned on to get more power, but the thing is that, a real blower doesn’t work that way.

The steering wheel is the one that was used in the movie. Mad Max car wouldn’t be complete without that shot gun, which is also a replica since it’s illegal almost everywhere.

Check out the video below and see this perfection of a replica in details.