The Air promises 1,000 HP and is a brand new luxe electric car with a 400-mile range.

Lucid Motors has recently revealed its production car called the Air. The new upcoming sedan is an electric vehicle with an unusual clamshell trunk. What is worth noticing about this vehicle, is its battery pack that promises 1,000 hp and the 400-mile range.

This vehicle is becoming the new long distance champion in the world of electric vehicles. It also features a unique adaptive LED headlight system.

10 years were needed for the battery pack to develop and uses a unique chemistry that is apparently more tolerant of repeated fast charging. According to Lucid, the drivetrain was developed in-house and is more efficient, smaller, more reliable and more power-dense than its competitors are. The standard Air comes with a 100 kWh battery, which is what Tesla uses in the Model S, but the company also plans to offer a 130 kWh option.

Lucid Motors AIR Sedan-front view-1

The Air uses a proprietary drivetrain that puts together an electric motor and transmission into one system. Each electric motor will deliver 600 hp. The motors are pushing a combined 1,000 horsepower with a naught to 60 MPH of 2.5 seconds.

Like most other futuristic EVs on the horizon, the Air is also autonomous-ready with short and long-range radar, Lidar sensor and cameras. The self-driving features that won’t be available at launch, will be later added via over-the-air updates.

Of course, when it comes to tech, nothing is enough. Like most luxury cars, the Air also has a companion app. Voice control like the Amazon Echo or Siri will be also used to control aspects of the inside of the car. The Air is all about luxury and the computer needs of drivers and passengers.

With its reclining rear seats and screens that fold down to become tables, the Air’s interior looks executive-ready. Despite being closer in size to a Mercedes E-Class, the Air’s battery pack arrangement would allow for interior space comparable to full-size lavish sedans.

For luxury cars, we’re given a luxury price. Those two things have to match. Being a well-optioned model, it will cost more than $100,000. The car is said to be launched in 2018.

The Lucid Air launch presentation: