If you’re always on the go, you can have Liberty Mutual’s app with you. We learned a lot of interesting things in the first decade of the Smartphone Era. Nearly all our friends have mobile phones but few like talking on them. Nearly everything that is “freemium” is never free. So, if you really want to make bank in the App Store, turn a boring task into a game.

Liberty Mutual’s Apps are Making Everyday Driving a Game That the Entire Family Can Enjoy. Plus, Maybe Cutting Your Car Insurance Premiums in the Process.

The company has two apps. One of the two is called HighwayHero while the other is called RightTrack. They’re targeted to slightly different users but they function essentially the same, using smartphones to monitor and evaluate users’ driving habits. They’re a nicer, gentler version of the software that many companies use to manage their driving fleets–or the software that companies use to monitor customers on the road.

Can Liberty Mutual’s Apps Make You a Better Driver?

HighwayHero is open to anyone, whether they’re clients of Liberty Mutual or not. It tracks users as they drive in many things like how fast they accelerate, how hard they brake, and of course, how often they use their phones behind the wheel. When the drive is finished, it gives you a score ranging from one to five stars in each tracked area. You can share your score with friends and family while checking leaderboards to see who’s performing the best. HighwayHero is the “gamier” or the two. It turns users into better drivers by making them competitive and rewarding them for good behavior.

RightTrack, on the other hand, works through negative reinforcement. It’s more about instilling safer driving habits by offering a lower insurance premiums than beating others’ scores. It also tracks how far they drive.

This app is almost identical to HighwayHero, measuring factors like acceleration, mileage, and when a person drives-during the day or late at night. However, RightTrack measures a driver’s habits over the course of three months, after which it evaluates the driver and offers a discount (or not).

HighwayHero is available for both Android and iPhone. RightTrack is in its pilot phase: people can download the app now but it won’t begin offering discounts to drivers until next month. It will launch in Kentucky, Colorado, Ohio, Wisconsin and Tennessee with a few more states to be added later. You can find it on Google Play and iTunes.

HighwayHero is a “gateway” app designed to catch people on the idea of safer driving. Liberty Mutual hopes some of those users will become customers, being able to use the RightTrack app to save some cash.