Toyota’s new sports car is based on a platform developed with BMW and is almost completed. The car is expected to revive the Supra name and will be previewed in concept form at the 2017 Tokyo auto show.

The new renderings show off the car’s attractive styling. Freed from those black and white curlicues, the website illustrates the car’s proportions and curves.

Their attempt digitally to peel back the camouflage from the next-generation Toyota Supra prototypes is successful. Their renderings put sheet metal on a car that obviously has taken design impact from the FT-1 Toyota concept while completely modernizing the traditional Supra cues.

The forum’s version highlights the parallels between the Supra and the FT-1 concept. Up front, there are the wide headlights, a pointed nose, side strakes and aid aerodynamics. The taillights and aero in the back also echo the FT-1.

Not all these features are obvious in spy photos, according to the final production model will look like the concept.

2019 Toyota Supra photo7

The Supra name was popular from 1978 to 2002 but Toyota’s next sports car will probably use it again. The company has not confirmed that, though. The car will likely have some form of Toyota’s hybrid technology to aid performance and fuel economy.

All we can say is, thanks for the renders guys!

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