Ticket sales for the ‘Legend All-Star Game’, which is unlikely to be seen again, opens on the 25th.

Ticket reservations for the ‘Legend All-Star Game’, in which legendary soccer players from three countries, including Korea, Brazil, and Italy, will participate, will begin on the 25th.

The All-Star Game will be held at Goyang Stadium on October 21st at 5:30 PM, with legendary players from three countries, Korea, Brazil, and Italy, participating.스포츠토토

The match on this day will start with Korea-Italy, followed by Brazil-Korea and Italy-Brazil. Each game is played for a total of 40 minutes, with 20-minute halves.

Ticket reservations for the Legend All-Star Game will be available through Interpark Ticket starting at 2pm on the 25th. While seat information and various benefits have been released prior to reservation, VIP reservation holders located in the middle of the first floor of the W seats will be given the opportunity to receive a VIP box and participate in the player entrance high-five zone.

Premium A, B, and C seats will receive a legend uniform, and first class seats A, including the legend bench seat S, will receive a muffler and key ring. In addition, the Red Devil Zone on the first floor of N seats and the Legend Club Zone on the first floor of S seats are operated.

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