According to coach Klinsman’s will to have Lee Kang-in play in an A-match prior to the Asian Games, setbacks in the Asian Games team plan were inevitable.

There are also concerns that he will enter the competition without being able to properly coordinate with his teammates.바카라

While coach Klinsman adheres to the principle of calling Lee Kang-in’s national team A, it seems inevitable that the Asian Games’ coach Hwang Seon-hong’s idea will be disrupted.

Coach Hwang has stated that he hopes to call Lee Kang-in to the Asian Games team training next month by using his A-match period.

<Hwang Seon-hong / Asian Games soccer team coach (25th of last month)> “The plan is to start as a whole on September 4 during the A match, but there are problems with Lee Kang-in and the national team A…”

Coach Klinsman predicted that there would be no major problems with Lee Kang-in and his teammates’ breathing during the tournament, but

<Klinsman / National Football Team Coach> “Lee Kang-in adapting to the Asian Games national team will be no problem. 10 minutes is enough. Because they are players I know…”

Director Hwang, who has not been able to activate the so-called ‘full member’ for more than a year since last June, is frustrated inside.

Whether or not Lee Kang-in will be selected for the Asian Games has not yet been confirmed.

<Klinsmann / National Soccer Team Coach> “We have yet to hear from PSG about Lee Kang-in’s appointment. We are in constant communication with coach Luis Enrique, but nothing has been decided yet.”

If PSG, his team, allows the selection, Kang-in Lee’s joining time is expected to be on the 18th of next month, the day before the first match in the group stage.

It is also unclear whether other Europeans such as Jung Woo-young, Hong Hyun-seok, and Park Kyu-hyun will join Sun-Hong Hwang.

In addition, it is still in the fog whether Lee Sang-min, who left due to drunk driving, will be selected as a substitute player.

Amidst various uncertainties, Hwang Sun-Hong-ho will start the final domestic quenching in Changwon on the 9th of next month, and then leave for Hangzhou, a battleground at the earliest on the 15th.

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