Why would someone put 41,999 LEDs by hand on a Lexus IS sedan? Is it to attract attention or just because they didn’t have 42,000 LEDs at their disposal? Whatever the reason, this Lexus LED covered vehicle was built as a mobile programmable screen to be featured in Dua Lipa’s new video “Be The One” and now is having a moment of fame.

For now, we don’t know if it is allowed on the road, but if it is, it will be the most distracting vehicle. LIT IS is here thanks to the collaboration between Lexus and the video streaming service Vevo to promote the song of the UK singer. Besides changing colors on a whim, it also changes colors in response to human gestures and music. Pretty cool, eh?

Led Covered Lexus LIT IS Changes Colors photo 2
According to Lexus, a mile of wire was used to connect all the light sources and 175,000 lumens were put out so that this incredible work of art can twinkle as a star. For the excitement to be even better, the car features three different modes: Attract mode, Music Viz mode, and Gesture mode.

The first one features a loop of colorful graphics that emphasize the strong lines and play with its bold styling. The second mode responds to music and can perfectly synchronize to any song. The last mode allows users’ hand movements to control the LED animations. This mode creates a strong “bond” between the driver and the car allowing the person to send a signal and the car to respond.

All this is fun and nice but we doubt that someone can purchase the car. It is more or less a hallucination on wheels and when on streets, it can cause accidents and chaos.

Lexus is doing all sorts of weird things to get publicity for its 2017 IS, and as it seems, it turned out well.