It’s not that they sounded so bad before. Lamborghini is the only automaker whose sound department didn’t need improvement. The aural effects of burying one’s right foot into a V-12-powered Italian beast is one of the hallmark bucket-list experiences of every car enthusiast.

However, Lambo’s sound engineers now have a dedicated room in which their cars’ roars and wails can further be fine-tuned. They are clearly determined to be a part of company’s continuous improvement.

Lamborghini has announced the existence of a new “acoustic test room”

As part of the factory expansion to accommodate production of the Urus crossover, The company’s”acoustic test room” will happen so the company can, at long last produce Lambos that finally sound halfway decent. This is like an in-house recording studio, but for Italian bulls.

Lamborghini Acoustic Test Room

In one press release it was written that the acoustic test room will allow adjustment of particular sound sensations to create the typical Lamborghini driving experience, including all the senses. The test room has been realized according to the latest technical standards.

The new test sound room will go beyond just making cars sound awesome. According to the company, it will also “support the acoustic adjustment of lightweight construction components” and “play an important role in the realization of future vehicle concepts and drive train systems.” We’re not quite sure what all of that means, but it sounds like it boils down to future Lambos that will be even more awesome.