Italy is a country of beautiful food, even more beautiful women and the most beautiful cars.  But how can these three things be replaced by the Englishmen, more precisely one of them – a multimillionaire known as Danny Lambo.

This man with the aid of the hot exhaust flames from his own Lamborghini Murcielago managed to bake pizza.

Crazy Danny, as an owner of several hotels, very valuable real estate and precious cars can buy a whole chain of pizza restaurants,  but he decided to try to bake pizza on his own. How he come to the idea to do this on the hot exhaust flames from Murcielago is not known to us,  but he did it in front of his favorite pizza restaurants. While Danny Lambo roars his 6.2 liter V12 engine, two of his friends held the pizza behind the exhaust.

It was obviously not easy because after “baking” was  done, the exhaust pipes were red hot.

How was the pizza? Danny says best in London, although we doubtits taste. But better watch this Video: