The Swedish automaker Koenigsegg has officially unveiled its new supercar named Regera, a Swedish word for to reign. According to the company, the model was designed and created as a luxury Mega car alternative to Koenigsegg’s traditional lightweight race-like road cars. Therefore, despite the incredible performance it also offers a new level of luxury and comfort, something that has not always been a priority for the company.

Their primary focus is and has always been, to produce the fastest cars on the planet. The car has already received the nickname, Dr. Jekyll, and MR. Hyde.

At the heart of the car is a hybrid system consisting of a 5-liter V8 petrol engine and three electric motors, which together supply more than 1500 horsepower.

koenigsegg regera beast supercar

It has the strongest set of motors that gas so far been used in the serial hybrid cars. The car is extremely light, it weighs 1,420 pounds and accelerates from 0-100 for 2.8 seconds.

It is interesting that Regera accelerates from 0-400 mph in just 20 seconds. The rear spoiler is completely assembled, and Akrapovic Company made the top exhaust system.

Koenigsegg Regera will be handcrafted in only 80 examples. The number 80 has been chosen because according to Pythagoras numerology, it symbolizes the principles of domination, control, and success.