Koenigsegg confirms that the supercar limited series marked One: 1 will be presented at the automobile fair in Geneva in March.  Four models will be produced, and all of them have already been sold. Koenigsegg  One:1  has everything it takes to become the fastest production car in the world.

Its brand name is an association to both the ratio of weight and strength, taken that it weighs 1,400 pounds, and its engine runs with 1,400 horsepower. The weight is calculated with the average weight of the driver and all fluids in the car.

The Swedish company built a 5.0 – liter aluminum V8 engine while the power is transmitted to the wheels through a 7-speed gearbox with two clutches and an electronic differential. The maximum speed is to exceed 440 km per hour, which should be enough to beat the record of Hennessey Venom.

koenigsegg one1 photos 2014 geneva motor show 3

Engineers say the Koenigsegg One: 1 can reach a speed of 450 kilometers per hour, but it will be limited by the tires.

They believe that the Supercar can set new records for acceleration from 0 to 200, 300 and 400 kilometers per hour.  Their estimates are that the acceleration from 0 to 400 kilometers per hour will be reached in about 20 seconds.

Some parts of the car are made with 3D printing and Koenigsegg  One:1 will be equipped with 19 – inch front and 20 inch rear wheels and massive brakes that will work hard to stop this beast. The engine can use regular gasoline, E85 biofuel as well as fuel for racing.

The car will be presented at the upcoming fair in Geneva and the production will be limited. Unfortunately, all copies have already been sold.

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