Former SSG Landers head coach Kim Sung-yong (53), who was recently promoted to head of the R&D center, is leaving the team for good.
According to a report by Star News on the 29th, Kim Sung-yong recently tendered his voluntary resignation to the club. This means that he will take responsibility for a series of events this offseason, including the transfer of franchise star Kim Kang-min (41) to the Hanwha Eagles.

SSG made quite a bit of noise this year as it reorganized the team after being eliminated from the semi-finals with the NC Dinos in a three-game series. Citing the need for a generational change, the organization replaced head coach Kim Won-hyung, 51, who led the team to a wire-to-wire regular season title last year and a Korean Series title, just one year into his contract.

At the time, SSG said, “We believe that change and innovation are necessary for a team that continues to improve. We decided that it was better to make a decision sooner rather than later. Initially, we focused on player and coaching staff composition, generational change, team management, and game operations, and then we decided to change the head coach.”

The selection process for the new coach was also controversial. During the search for the next manager, interviewees, including LG Twins coach Lee Ho-jun (47), were exposed during the postseason. The controversy grew as the team was in the midst of the Korean Series, and while the team eventually hired one of the candidates, Lee Seung-yong (52), the process of hiring a coaching staff was not without its challenges. 보스토토 주소

Unlike the first-team coaching staff, which is usually heavily influenced by the head coach, the second-team coaching staff can be appointed according to the direction the club wants. Kim chose former NC coach Son Si-heon (43), who was training in the United States, as the head coach of the Future Team. The problem is that the Future Team coach was supported by NC to train in the U.S. and was expected to return to NC upon completion. However, after the training was over, the team moved to SSG, and things got weird. According to SSG officials, the situation ended with Sohn returning the funding to NC and rejoining the team, but criticism of the team for taking away a leader they had worked hard to develop was inevitable.

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