You have to admit, Ken Block has some pretty amazing car control. Well, folks, Ken Block-the Hoonigan-has a new Gymkhana video out, and it’s a good one. He is back with a new video full of adrenaline, attractive car moves, and perfectly executed drift.

Hoonigan and Forza Horizon 3 proudly present Gymkhana 9. After the adventure in Dubai and through the streets of LA, now he drives around an abandoned industrial area and the old train station in New York State. Block came to fame as the founder of DC Shoes, but his crazy activities in the world of extreme sports are what made him worth writing articles about.

His activities in the last 11 years were quite extraordinary. He has been a professional rally driver, first in the World Rally Championship and more recently in rallycross. Nowadays, he’s racing next to Andreas Bakkerud in World Rallycross over in Europe, campaigning the one and only Ford Focus RS-RX.

Ken Block has a new car for the new Gymkhana 9 video. Unlike the tuned Ford Fiesta and 65 Ford Mustang, this time he has a special Ford Focus RS-RX with 610 horsepower and 894 Nm of torque. It was made in Britain and is now ready to compete in the World Rally Championship.

The video was made in partnership with Forza Horizon and was originally supposed to be filmed in Australia. But instead of burning rubber around the Sydney Opera House, we are witnessing of eight minutes of madness in an industrial wasteland also known as Buffalo, New York.

Even though the videos aren’t shot in a single take, there are still some edge-of-the-seat moments; particularly the fact that there are only two Focus RS-RX race cars on the planet. Ken Block, you are fearless, and it’s nice to see you again!