The pop superstar’s Ferrari 458 hit the headlines in November when he accidentally left it in a hotel car park following a night on the town.

Bieber parked his Modified Ferrari 458 at an upmarket Beverly Hills hotel before going clubbing in Hollywood.

After three weeks, the Canadian singer realised the Ferrari was missing and his entourage traced it back to the Montage Hotel. The staff had assumed he’d left the car for next time he visited.

It looks as if J.Bieber has now realised that he probably doesn’t use the modified supercar enough to keep it so he put the car up for an auction at the Barrett-Jackson sale in Scottsdale, Arizona, this winter.

Justin Bieber and His Modified Ferrari 458-rear view

The sale of the unfortunate Ferrari comes after the 22-year-old met Lamborghini’s CEO in November and took a test drive in an Aventador Roadster.

West Coast Customs, based in California modified his Neon Blue supercar, a body shop popular with superstars, having gained fame itself on the popular TV show Pimp My Ride.

Barrett-Jackson’s description states that the Ferrari features side skirts and rear spoiler and Liberty Walk body kit made up of a custom front splitter. There’s a custom 2,000-watt 10-inch subwoofer Inside, plus a factory custom interior created to Justin’s design. The alloys are bespoke 20-inch Forgiato rims.

Justin Bieber and His Modified Ferrari 458-interior

In the description, you can find that there’s a mark on its history report after being involved in a rear-end crash, not causing the airbags to deploy.

Justin has had a number of scrapes with the law in recent years including being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless driving and.

Other carss that were uo for auction at the Barratt-Jackson auction include Tony Sorprano actor James Gandolfini’s classic cruiser, nicknamed ‘Bada Bing’.

So Justin fans, how much would you pay for your idol’s car?