In the end, Yu Darvish (37, San Diego Padres) was out for the season. announced Yu Darvish’s season out on the 13th (Korean time). Although he signed a six-year, $108 million (approximately 143.6 billion won) extension contract ahead of this season, his first season was not good. He had 8 wins, 10 losses, and an ERA of 4.56 in 24 games.

The last game was against the Milwaukee Brewers on August 26th. Darvish complained of pain in his elbow later that day. As a long-term, large contract player, he expressed his intention to return after treatment, but ultimately accepted to sit out the season. In fact, it hasn’t been good all season. In particular, in August, there were no wins in 5 games, 3 losses, and an average ERA of 4.66. His last win was against the Texas Rangers on July 30, when he pitched 6 innings, allowing 3 hits, 9 strikeouts, 2 walks, and no runs. said, “Darvish was found to have irritation in his elbow bone during a thorough examination after late August. He initially received cortisone injections and recently started playing catch, but his elbow still hurt. “This year, when Darvish was healthy, he was mostly inconsistent.”

This is not the first time Darvish has had elbow issues. He also underwent arthroscopic surgery during the 2018 season when he was with the Chicago Cubs due to poor elbow health. At that time, he was back healthy in time for the 2019 season. “There is some frustration,” Darvish said. “He has an elbow stress reaction, and he basically needs time for it to heal.” said, “Darvish will not throw a ball for at least the next six weeks. At that point he will be examined again. “Only then will it become clear whether he will undergo similar surgery.” The idea is to wait until the end of October.스포츠토토

Darvish surpassed 100 career wins this season. With 103 wins, he ranks 3rd in most wins among Asian major leaguers and 1st in most wins among active Asian major leaguers. Even though he messed up this season, he’s got five years. It is only a matter of time before he surpasses Park Chan-ho and takes first place among Asian major leaguers with the most wins.

However, health is the biggest issue when it comes to overtaking Park Chan-ho. You may have plenty of time, but you need to take care of your health right away. In the worst case, if you undergo Tommy John surgery, you will have to miss a year or more. Even after resolving the elbow issue, he is already a veteran in his late 30s at 37 years old. He is interested in where he will be in 5 years. 

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