As the European Football Federation (UEFA) puts a lot of effort into the Nations League, which was created separately from the European Championship, countries around the world are having difficulty arranging friendly matches with European countries. Even during the sparsely given blank period, priority is given to countries in South America or North and Central America that help a lot in Europe, so there are not many opportunities in Asian countries, which are on the periphery of football.

The A-Match Week in September set by the International Football Federation (FIFA) was a rare opportunity. Korea and Japan decided on a European expedition side by side. However, Japan won by decision. On September 9, Wolfsburg will face Germany, and on the 12th, in Genk, Belgium, Turkey will face off.

On the other hand, Korea only had an expedition to Wales on September 7th. Everything was twisted by Mexico’s remorse, which was promoted as the next opponent. The most promising alternative is Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries that promoted the Mexico war like Korea. However, even if the cost is shared, a friendly match with a Middle Eastern country in Europe is not attractive.

Even if the war with Mexico is canceled as it is, Korea cannot be compensated for the damage. The Korea Football Association (KFA) received Mexico’s notice before writing the contract. It is the joint responsibility of the working-level staff lacking in expertise and the leadership who neglected the situation.

Uncomfortable air flows in the A-match series in October. Japan will face Canada in Niigata on October 13 and Tunisia in Kobe on October 17. Canada participated in last year’s World Cup in Qatar, and Tunisia is the dark horse of North Africa. Realistically, this is the best result.

In this case, we can expect a Korean tour in Canada and Tunisia. Both Korea and Japan have been sharing sparring partners to cut costs, and that was the case in March and June of this year. However, this October is different. It has been confirmed that Korea included Vietnam and the warm-up match among the two matches. The KFA cited national team coach Jürgen Klinsmann’s request as the reason for saying, “Please find a ‘customized opponent’ who will defend hard against us in preparation for the Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America” ​​before leaving for the United States for ‘remote work’.메이저놀이터

None of the previous Korean command towers asked for the underdog to be held as an opponent for the evaluation match. Former national team coach Paulo Bento, who led Korea to advance to the round of 16 at the World Cup in Qatar, used to demand, “If possible, find the strongest opponent.” This is because there is nothing to expect other than relatively easy recruiting and obvious victory. FIFA ranking management is also not helpful at all. If a Southeast Asian country was necessary, it might be better to invite director Shin Tae-yong’s Indonesia or Kim Pan-gon’s Malaysia.

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