You won’t need to look the phone while driving in near future. The windshield indicator that most of the new cars have, originates from combat aircrafts, where important information projected on the screen in front of the pilot’s eyes can save lives in some deadly situations.

The windscreen indicators function by projecting information on the windscreen, so that the driver can clearly see them without distracting the view from what is in front of him. Thanks to this system, not only that we won’t need the help of our smartphone, but this technology goes forward to completely forget the smartphones.

Jaguar’s ‘virtual windscreen concept’ allows the driver to pretend he is in Gran Turismo.

These indicators are useful because they rely on the car’s internal system and then study the most important data, whether it is the speedometer, navigation directions and / or radio information. The indicator is currently available in a Mazda 3 sedan, MINI Cooper, Chevy Camaro and Toyota Prius.

Jaguar New Virtual Windscreen Concept-02

But now, there is a new technology with which you will not need to look aside at any moment. Five years ago, one Israeli starter company was one step towards achieving the goal, after they came up with an idea for drivers to “drive as pilots,” with an indicator showing graphic projections. Ford even wanted to redeem the rights, but the deal broke down even though the company’s idea​​ continued to live.

Recently, Jaguar and Land Rover also began to provoke a similar technology that offers a “virtual windshield” concept, an experience similar to a video game that could also help you on the racetrack.

With the advent of smartphones, the driver’s seat became a center for unwanted distractions. In addition to getting information for the vehicle, you can send and receive calls, messages, and a variety of other applications showed that take your time and focus. The windshield in the coming years will surely become the most important part of your car.