“We are not finished yet. “We are going to win every game, every match, starting today.”

Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop’s eyes were looking higher than confirming the postseason advancement.

Doosan, led by Coach Lee, will play an away game in the 2023 Professional Baseball KBO League against the LG Twins at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 14th.

Doosan, which is currently in 5th place with 73 wins, 2 draws, and 65 losses, can confirm its advancement to the postseason by beating 6th place KIA Tigers (71 wins, 2 draws, 69 losses) if they sound the victory bell today, regardless of the results of the remaining games. .

However, the commander was not satisfied with this. Depending on Doosan’s performance, as well as the future performance of 3rd place SSG Landers (74 wins, 3 draws, 64 losses) and 4th place NC Dinos (74 wins, 2 draws, 65 losses), which are currently competing fiercely for 3rd place, they will be placed in 3rd place. Because it may be possible. Doosan, who will clash with LG until tomorrow (the 15th), will have a two-game series against SSG, the ‘3rd place competitor’, from the 16th to the 17th.

However, Doosan did not have much fun against LG and SSG this season. In terms of opponent record, they were significantly behind LG with 4 wins and 10 losses, and SSG with 4 wins, 1 draw and 9 losses.

Nevertheless, the commander’s fighting spirit was fervent. Coach Lee Seung-yeop, who met ahead of the LG game on the 14th, said, “We are not finished. We will do our best in the remaining four games starting today. Every game, every game, we are going to win starting today. “We will do our best in every game until the rankings are decided,” he said, emphasizing that “we are inferior (in season record) against LG and SSG, but that was in the early and mid-season.”

At the same time, Coach Lee added strength to his voice, saying, “If we win today, we will advance to the postseason, but we will win all the remaining games so that we can climb to a higher ranking.”

Starting third baseman Heo Gyeong-min is not expected to play on this day if possible. Instead, Park Joon-young fills the position.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “Heo Gyeong-min felt tightness in the back of his thigh while playing yesterday. He said, “I can’t start today, but I can play as a substitute in the second half, but I don’t want to overwork myself as much as possible.”메이저사이트

Coach Lee continued, “Park Jun-young has the best defense at third base. He played good defense yesterday too. In the case of batting, it is difficult because he cannot consistently appear as a starter, but he is still a good batting player. “He has high expectations for the future,” he said, giving strength to Park Joon-young, who is filling Heo Gyeong-min’s position.

Meanwhile, on this day, Doosan had Soo-bin Jeong (center fielder) – Soo-haeng Jo (right fielder) – Jose Rojas (designated hitter) – Eui-ji Yang (catcher) – Seok-hwan Yang (first baseman) – Jae-hwan Kim (left fielder) – Seung-ho Kang (second baseman) – Jae-ho Kim (shortstop) – The batting lineup consisted of Park Jun-young (third baseman). The starting pitcher is Brandon Waddell.

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