What type of car iGeneration and Generation Z want? Let’s put it this way: there’s no V8. iGeneration are those between the ages of 18 and 34 and they are twice as likely to drive more than those over 35. They represent a different demographic than their parents with respect to what they want in future cars.

Generation Z on the other hand, born in the late 90s and early 2000s, are even more difficult to predict, although they’re just entering the car buying the market. Different generations mean different needs and expectations. That’s how it is in everything not just buying cars. The question is what the car of the future will be like if you want to please both generations.

Toyota worked with graduate students at Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research for two years, and their intentions were to come up with a concept vehicle that takes into account what these buyers will want. The result came in the form of Toyota uBox concept.

So, is Toyota uBox the type of car iGeneration would like to drive?

The fact that the concept is with a greater focus on the younger, it’s crossover-like design and the dash trim bits and air vents are 3D printed, which makes it even more interesting. The dashboard display and door trims can be personalized. The unique pultrusion technique allows the composite carbon fiber rails to be bonded with aluminum in order to support a curved glass roof.

The target customer would be a young entrepreneur who wants a vehicle that can provide both utility and recreation on the weekend but that could also offer office space or other lifestyle uses during the week.