Welcome to the revolutionary transformers’ era! The Turkish company Letvision will build you a real-life transformer. Today, it all becomes real.

They have designed full-sized Transformer toys which will be called Letrons. The BMW-designed machine is remote-controlled and transforms by itself. Maybe the sci-fi transformers belong in the sphere of fiction, but it turned out that there are cars that transform by themselves. Maybe this sounds strange, but be prepared to be stunned.

BMW transformer Letrons

The models from BMW brand will turn into large robots like Transformers. They perhaps cannot fly as Optimus Prime but can drive for sure. Sounds amazing, right?

The models in the BMW logo, which will bear the name Letrons, are absolutely close to the originals, but there is one important detail, they can be operated oly by using the remote control because vehicles simply have no place for driver and passengers. But who knows.

Check out how the demonstration of the company Letvision looks like in the video that follows…