Pohang Steelers coach Kim Ki-dong was not expecting a ‘big success’. Although he entered the K-League for the first time this season, he is showing amazing performances without adapting like a player who has already played two or three seasons. Already among fans, public opinion is forming that “he should be selected as the best midfielder this season.” This is the story of Oberdan.

Oberdan first stepped onto the stage of his K-League last January, when he moved his foes from Pigey Rense in Brazil to Pohang. Based on his vigorous activity, his tough defense and sacrificial play are his biggest strengths, and he is also able to perfectly play the role of a link between offense and defense because of his great ability to break away from pressure and move forward.

In fact, Oberdan is mainly located in front of the four-back, leading the rear build-up, protecting the defensive line, and taking charge of Pohang’s midfield. Sometimes he advances to the penalty box to create chances for his teammates and, in case of need, finishes himself. He has 1 goal and 2 assists in 28 games so far.

Oberdan, in particular, continues to set a ‘big record’ by participating in all games this season. What’s even more surprising is that he started every game and played full-time. He is the only K-League 1 field player to appear all the time before the entire game. Naturally, he boasts the number one activity every month and is called Pohang’s ‘iron man’.

As soon as a foreign player joins, he can only be happy as a manager if he makes a ‘big success’ like this without any adaptation period. In fact, coach Kim Ki-dong expressed his admiration for Oberdan while laughing, saying, “I never played full-time by starting every game during one season during my active career.”

He said, “I didn’t think it would be this good. When he was first recruited, I thought it would be nice to play a supporting role (in a two-volume position). However, he did not play a supporting role, but he himself led the role of link between offense and defense, and became a leader who led the players. I am really grateful,” he said, expressing his gratitude with praise.

Oberdan must be mentally exhausted as much as living in a foreign country. In addition, this summer, the toxic heatwave and heavy rain continued to make it physically difficult due to the humid weather. However, he has excellent stamina enough to be called the ‘Steel King’ even in Pohang, and has a strong will to compete.소닉카지노

Director Kim Ki-dong said, “I constantly talk with Oberdan about the part related to (playing time). He is constantly checking how his condition is now, whether it is physically difficult, and whether he can play the game,” he said. “The will to play is very strong. When I also talked about it, I decided that there was no big problem with this level of stamina, and I thought it wouldn’t matter if I played the whole season.”

At the same time, he said, “In the case of Oberdan, he is a physically gifted player, so I don’t think there will be any big problems in the future. He told me to talk to him whenever he was tired or physically exhausted and had a problem. When that happens, he will give you a break

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