Bayern Munich is targeting Joao Palinha again during the winter transfer market.

British media ‘’ reported on the 10th (Korean time) that ‘Bayern Munich is not giving up hope of signing Fulham midfielder Joao Palinha in January despite signing a new contract.’

Palinha is a large man reminiscent of Matić, and he is good at competing and heading the ball using his physicality, and his good defensive skills allow him to cover a wide range. Particularly in the 2022/23 season, he topped the Premier League in that regard with 144 attempted tackles.

He is also similar to Matic in that he is able to distribute the ball. He can handle both forward and long passes, and like Naples’ robot car, he has an excellent ability to come down to the back and receive and distribute the ball from the central defender.

The Portuguese Sporting youth player has made many improvements since his loan spell at Braga. Building on this growth, he returned to Sporting to lead the team and received tremendous support from coach Ruben Amorim.

He moved to Fulham last season and showed good performance throughout the season and is considered the team’s best player along with Mitrovic. This performance continued until the end of the season, and big clubs latched onto him in this summer transfer market.

FC Fulham’s Joao Palinha’s name has been on Munich’s recruitment list for several weeks as they look to recruit the defensive midfielder that coach Thomas Tuchel wanted. Munich has secured sufficient funds by selling Pavard and Hrabenberg.

In order for Munich to complete Palinha’s transfer, there was a prerequisite that Fulham had to find a replacement for Palinha. Fulham selected Hojbjerg as a replacement for Palinha and tried to recruit him, but he was rejected and Fulham had no choice but to keep Palinha.

In the end, Palinha, who left England for Germany, successfully passed the medical, took pictures in uniform, and waited for the official, had no choice but to return to England in tears.

Palinha was frustrated, but did not give up on his dream of Munich. His older brother and agent praised the Munich team at length, writing “Words of gratitude, recognition and gratitude to Munich.” He went on to say, “The respect and affection the Bavarians have for us has made a difference in terms of respect, honesty and professionalism. Our family’s love for the club will remain forever even if my brother had not signed.” However, with his contract renewed, he added

: The atmosphere has changed and Palinha’s transfer fee will skyrocket, especially since there is no buyout, and Fulham manager Marco Silva said contract talks with Joao Palinha took place before Bayern Munich showed interest in the defensive midfielder. said.

“They (contract talks) did not start after the Bayern Munich incident,” Silva said. “Discussions about renewing Palinha’s contract started much earlier.스포츠토토

“It is true and Palinha is not talking about it because it is not necessary to talk about it, but he knows that I am telling the truth. The conversation started before that. Almost everything was prepared before then.”

“Of course other clubs, big clubs came to sign players from our team and that was just a result of last season, which I have mentioned to you many times and of course the quality of the players, it was just a matter of time,” he said.

British media ‘Sky Sports’ reported on the 15th (Korean time) that ‘Joao Palinha’s new Fulham contract does not include a buyout clause for the midfielder, who is under contract with Fulham until 2028.’

Munich was prepared to offer around 55 million pounds (about 90.7 billion won) for Palinha, but it appears the price will have to rise further due to the contract extension.

Bayern will have to put in a lot of effort to sign Palinha in the January transfer window, and with the coaching staff clearly keen to keep the player and with no buyout clause, the two clubs will have to negotiate to reach a conclusion.

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