A competition amongst people and the machines!

The mascot of the Geneva Auto Show, Rinspeed, decided to swim across the ocean, to cross a continent and a half desert to arrive in Las Vegas on the futuristic edition of the fair of consumer electronics CES which took place in January.

By the words of the founder Frank Rinderknecht, the main innovations in the future automotive engineering will not only be the digital world but to greatly undermine what we now consider to be normal. In other words, he wanted to tell us that no matter how crazy his ideas seem today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they can be part of our everyday lives.

For the Auto show in Las Vegas, Rinspeed prepared an autonomous concept which will demonstrate the future opportunities in the world of mobility. However, it set a series of questions. One of them is how to actually pronounce his name – it’s simple Etos.

What is understandable for all about this concept is that Etos is an autonomous car packed with intuitive and adaptive cruise control capable of learning. Consequently, inside it is adjustable. In the autonomous mode, the steering wheel completely overlaps and steps back into the instrument panel stretched the entire width, with two 21.5-inch ultra HD widescreen segments that are drawn closer to the passengers.

For more relaxed driving, Rinspeed Etos available to them puts Harman Connected Car System functions as a personal assistant, in a meaningful, courteous and expected way. What is unexpected is that Etos has its own drone available, which is landing and parking to the rear of the vehicle. If by chance you are wondering what is it, then you are familiar with works drawn from the Swiss trove of ideas.

The attached drone can be used to deliver a bouquet of flowers ordered through the Internet directly to the chosen one.  Of course, with it, you can also record your stunts with the car to thrill your friends.

Rinspeed Etos-Concept-Hybrid-Dron

We can talk about Rinspeed Etos until the presentation in Las Vegas, even to its European premiere at the parlor car in Geneva, but here we stop. The only thing for it that needs to be mention is that it is based on the BMW i8 and that there is, “a special color and the exterior finish that is still completely unknown for car designers. ”

This is the first presentation of Rinspeed outside its native Switzerland. This company was founded in 1979 near Zurich, it has only 8 employees that made 22 futuristic concepts.

Check out the video below: