Moon Bo-kyung (LG), an infielder for the Korean national team led by coach Ryu Joong-il, is calmly preparing for the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Ryu Joong-il conducted training camp for the second day at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 24th. The athletes arrived at Gocheok Dome around 2:30 pm after having lunch at their accommodation.

Both the pitcher and fielder teams were busy training, including weight training, base running, catch ball, defense, batting, and pitching.

Moon Bo-kyung, who boasted the best hitting skills in his team LG before being called up to the national team on the 23rd, also ran diligently. Before joining the national team, he was maintaining good batting ability with a batting average of .405 in the last 10 games until NC on the 22nd.

Moon Bo-kyung, whose main position is third base, mainly participated in defensive training at first base on this day with the national team. The national team has Noh Si-hwan, the No. 1 home run hitter this season, as a third baseman. Moon Bo-kyung is likely to play first base for the national team. He is expected to be a great force in offense and defense.

Moon Bo-kyung said he received a special ‘energy’ before joining his national team. Moon Bo-kyung, who said of her team and national team, “I don’t pay too much attention and train the same way,” said, “Before I joined the national team, I received the energy of (Oh) Ji-hwan. “Also, (Kim) Hyunsoo came to hug me to get some energy,” he said with a smile.

Oh Ji-hwan and Kim Hyun-soo are veteran players in international competitions. I went through all the hardships, including the Olympics and WBC, and made a golden comeback. The two players competed as part of the national team at the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, the previous Asian Games, and won gold medals.

Moon Bo-kyung came with support from her seniors. On the other hand, Moon Bo-kyung also seems to be concerned about her team LG’s game while she is away.

Of course, LG is getting closer to winning the regular season this year. When Moon Bo-kyung is in Hangzhou, she may have LG’s magic number all erased.메이저놀이터

Moon Bo-kyung said, “I watched the game on the 23rd. “I saw it after training,” he said. The previous day, the KBO League started at 5 PM, so the national team players were able to watch the game after training. However, on this day, the KBO League started at 2 PM, which overlapped with the national team training time.

He said, “I had no choice but to watch it yesterday,” and added, “I think it would be nice if our team confirmed the (regular season) championship even when I wasn’t around.”

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