We can briefly describe the unfortunate fate of a 31-year-old Briton who experienced the biggest nightmare before he could even realize he is driving his dream supercar.

After paying $220,000 and becoming the owner of the powerful Ferrari with 503 horsepower, he set off to ride his new “machine”.

The lack of driving experience of such a powerful car, such as the 430 Scuderia and the wet asphalt, led the driver to lose control of the vehicle and veered off a highway.

Newly-bought Ferrari 430 Scuderia gone after 60 minutes

It went up in smoke, but luckily the driver managed to leave the vehicle in time and walked away with minor injuries. This is another proof that every driver must pass a special driver training course before sitting in a super car.

The situation where the skill of the driver does not correspond to the torque of the machine, combined with a wet pavement, results in loss of control of the vehicle and crash after only 60 minutes of owning it.

According to the police officers’ report, the vehicle literally flew and then landed on the road, ending on the meadow, where it turned into a fireball and burned completely.