Kim Jeong-hoon, the only player in the ‘Hwang Seon-hong Ho’ who won the gold medal in men’s soccer at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games who has never stepped foot on the field, scored a big win in his first game back with his team Jeonbuk Hyundai. I added strength.

Jeonbuk won 2-1 in the K-League 1 round 34 away game against Daegu FC held at DGB Daegu Bank Park in Daegu on the 21st, earning 2 consecutive wins and ranked 4th (52 points).

On this day, Jeonbuk faced Daegu 1-1 and won the game with Gustavo’s penalty kick goal at the end of the second half, and Kim Jeong-hoon played a decisive role in blocking the home team Daegu’s wave of attacks.

More than 6 minutes into added time in the second half, Kim Jeong-hoon’s right-footed shot from the right side of the penalty arc by Daegu’s Kim Jin-hyuk, which Kim Jeong-hoon threw away with his hand, was worthy of being selected as a highlight.

In his first game in Jeonbuk after winning the gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games, Kim Jeong-hoon recorded 7 saves, including this one, and stood tall as a winner.

Kim Jeong-hoon, whom we met after the game, said, “With the exception of Rafael, all injured players have returned and the players are playing with the goal of winning the Final A with a ‘complete team,’ and I think I am fortunate to have caught the first game.” He expressed his feelings.

He recalled, “The last (Kim Jin-hyuk) shot was the most thrilling,” and credited it by saying, “Thanks to my brothers blocking many angles in front of me, I was able to block it as well. Thanks to my brothers, I won.”

Kim Jeong-hoon is the only player among the 22 players on the Asian Games national team held until early this month to have never played in a game, making him a hot topic in itself.

Since he had already performed his national defense duties at Gimcheon Sangmu and did not need military service benefits, which are considered the biggest advantage of a gold medal, he quietly trained together for over a month and served as a member of the Hwang Seon-hongho.

When the topic of the Asian Games came up, Kim Jeong-hoon smiled and said, “It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t participate in the game as a player, but looking back, I’m glad that we achieved the victory as a ‘one team.'”굿모닝토토 도메인

He said, “In the Asian Games team, goalkeeper Lee Gwang-yeon (Gangwon) and I had resolved our military issues, but because of that, the burden was even greater. I tried to be careful with both my actions and words.” “I did my best,” he emphasized.

Kim Jeong-hoon, who is currently 22 years old and has had a busier early fall than anyone else as he has been on the national team preparing for next year’s Paris Olympics, said emphatically, “I am honored to have been selected for both age groups. There was nothing difficult about working out, and I enjoyed being able to grow day by day.”

He, who has grown and dreams of a ‘happy ending’ for the 2023 season at his team Jeonbuk, added, “The team atmosphere is good and I am going respectively, respectively. I think it is possible to win Final A,” and added, “I want to finish in the highest ranking possible.” .

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