General Motors announced that it would invest $1 billion in its US manufacturing operations and by doing so it will create or retain 1.500 jobs in this country. It would move production of pickup axles from Mexico to Michigan. The investment is for a new vehicle, advanced technology, and component projects. Specifics on the projects were not immediately available, though.

GM chairman and CEO Mary Barra said in a statement that as the US manufacturing base increased its competitiveness, they were are able to further increase their investment, providing more jobs for America and better results for their owners. She also added that the US is their home market and they are determined to growth that is good for their employees, dealers, and suppliers.

GM also added that it would bring back the production of axles for its full-size pickups to Michigan, creating 450 jobs. GM said that a supplier is also moving work from Mexico to the US, providing additional 100 jobs. The automaker based in Detroit said it announced $2.9 billion in investments in 2016 and it has spent more than $21 billion in the US since 2009.

The President-elect Trump indirectly referenced GM’s investment in a series of Twitter posts about half an hour after the company’s announcement. Ford, Hyundai and Fiat Chrysler have all announced new investments in the United States since the start of January.

The president is criticizing the companies that are building cars in other countries and then selling them in the US market. Experts, on the other hand, noted that most manufacturing decisions are made years in advance.
Trump took credit for the GM plans in a pair of Tweets.