This is a good Valentine’s Day story since this is what true love looks like. Hurricane Matthew hit the southeastern United States hard as it moved very close to the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina.

Residents of these places fled for their lives, taking everything they could with them.

Automotive enthusiasts were rushing to save their cars before the winds cause too much damage. Some sheltered their cars in their garages; some even rent out sturdy storage and put their cars there. Others, like the Florida resident and Instagram user Jalilsup, take things a little further.

First reported by Motor Trend, Randy decided to stay put and not evacuate his home and his BMW E30 M3. He knew that the best place to hide his car is at home. Yes, literally at home. He drove the car right through the front double-doors of his house.

Randy even took pictures of his new “housemate” and posted them to Instagram. With his car next to him, Randy was able to spend some quality time including a sleepover and a romantic breakfast (if cereals are romantic).

Gearhead Parked His BMW E30 M3 In the Livingroom image 1

Randy made the best out of a bad situation and both, he and his car survived the deadly hurricane. In the end, once that nightmare passed his town, he drove the E30 back out onto his front lawn.

Elsewhere, other people weren’t so lucky, since 877 Haitians died when the hurricane struck their island nation. The photos are courtesy of Randy.