The only vehicle that can help you to survive a post-apocalyptic world where the law isn’t an option and gangs rule all over the desert, is the black Ford Falcon Interceptor.

Of course, we are talking about the legendary  Mad Max movie, which has a new sequel that extends this story in Mad Max: Fury Road.

But as time goes by, any legend car need successors.

Ford team has created two concept cars that are supposed to be the successors. Ford design team is working on a new futuristic prototype INTERCEPTOR. Ford displays two Mad Max Interceptor Concepts in Australia.

Two of the leading candidates for the hero car have been created in roughly 40-percent size and are on display at the Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne.

See how they look like in the video below. Mad Max Futuristic Ford at Melbourne Show:

In the new sequel Mad Max: Fury Road, whose film was shown past summer, the hero is not giving up its INTERCEPTOR: