French government investigated Renault for possible claims it has cheated diesel emissions tests, reports AFP. The accusations have sent Renault share prices tumbling by 4.3%.

They come a year after the French car maker’s headquarters were raided following earlier emissions claims.

Groupe Renault meets the terms with French and European regulations for diesel emissions.

A statement released by Renault says that Renault admits the opening of judicial investigations. On the ground of ‎falseness on necessary qualities and inspections that has been conducted, these facts have led to the products being dangerous for the health of both humans or animals.

Investigated Renault for Diesel Emissions Claims

Renault vehicles, they stated, are all and have always been homologated in accordance with the regulations and laws.

The company follows the applicable standards. Their vehicles aren’t equipped with cheating software that affects anti-pollution systems. The European Commission, States, Regulation Authorities and automotive manufacturers all share the opinion that the conditions of the applicable regulations need to be strengthened. Yesterday reported that not only Renault but Fiat Chrysler as well has been investigated in the US following similar accusations.