Custom made 2500hp, twice blown twin-engine 1932 Ford sedan for sale. If you have not decided what to buy yet but you have a small fortune at your disposal, this ride is the right thing to buy. The heavily modified 1932 Ford sedan has 2500 HP twin engine (twice blown) and on the famous Hemmings, the auction house has been selling for a price of 153.380€.

Ford 1932 with 2500hpTo produce the incredible 2,500hp this Retro car has two V8 engines with turbochargers, and unbelievably, the car is completely legal to drive. The aggregates of this Ford have a capacity of 9.37 liters, while the two Pro Mod-speed transmission is in charge for the gear transfer. It distributes power to the wheels on the rear axle, and if not all this is enough, there is a nitrate.

As its current owner said, the car is with a too high dose of steroids and has never been driven although it had been taken to exhibitions.  We think that the next owner must change this and show us what this machine is capable of.

Watch Ford Sedan 1932 on this VIDEO: