What’s cool about the Shelby GT500 ELEANOR  is that everyone who drives it feels like a boss. American muscle cars have the inherent ability to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. There’s something about them that many people find it extraordinary, with a good reason though. That screaming old school roar of the v8s is the thing that makes you fall head over heels with them.

This Shelby GT500 ELEANOR really is brutal.

This time, we check a replica of the original Eleanor as seen in Gone in 60 Seconds. SpotterGijs recorded an amazing Ford Mustang Shelby GT500E. The video was made at the Dutch SuperCar Sunday organized by Autogespot.com

As this Ford Mustang is pulling out of what looks to be a car show the owner lays into the throttle and unleashes the raw power so, be sure to turn up your speakers.

This classic American muscle is known for its brutality; you don’t want to get in this car’s way!

Check out the video below that gives you an up close and personal look at the sights and sounds delivered by the iconic Shelby. You may take this as a warning not to mess with this burly machine!