What you get if you merge designs of two outstanding cars like Ford Mustang and Ford GT? You build a GTT, which is a fusion of Ford GT and Mustang, scheduled for production early next year.

The car show SEMA 2016 opened its doors to the public in Las Vegas where the Zero to 60 Designs unveiled their polarizing half-Mustang, a half-GT masterpiece. The designer’s muse was Ford GT and the GTT stands for Gran Turismo Tribute.

2016 SEMA-GTT Mad combination of Mustang and Ford GT
The idea, in particular, can be seen through the specific back of the vehicle where the round tail light set and central-mounted exhaust pipes are exactly like the ones of the Ford GT.

The engine of this automotive centaur of sorts generates more than 800HP, the stability is improved and the Brembo brakes take care of safety. The 5.0-liter V8 engine got a supercharger from ProCharger a special Eibach Pro-Street-S suspension and a Magnaflow dual exhaust.

The company also enlisted the help of SCT Performance to program the GTT for optimal performance. Along the obvious Ford GT-aping design elements, other visual upgrades have been added to it, such as tinted windows, HRE Performance P204 Brushed Titanium Wheels wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero tires, measuring 22×9.5 up front and 22×11 in the rear.

The fearless fusion of the Mustang GT resulted in this unique model, which will be a great consolation for those buyers who were NOT among the 500 lucky ones who were allowed to buy the Ford GT model. GTT will be produced in a limited number of copies, and the price will be announced at the end of this year.

Does the GTT successfully blend styling cues from the Ford GT?

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