Avatar Roadster is the latest British track special. Built by Marlin in England, its machine starts at $48,000 and offers up to 350 EcoBoost horsepower. The sports car startup Avatar burst on the scene a year ago with the lightweight Lotus Elise called the Roadster.

The Avatar Roadster Has Been Revealed in Production Form With Claims to Produce Up to 500bhp/ton.

AT the 2017 Autosport International in the Uk, Avatar presented the production version and confirmed the car would be available later this year priced from $48,630. The original prototype has been unveiled in 2016 and since then, Avatar has made around 250 changes to the Roadster.

Avatar boss Dylan Popovic said that they have listened and responded to their customers who loved fine handling and the superb performance but wanted more refinement so they could use the car for more than just track days. With having the raw edges smoothed, they had created a much more rounded package.

Among the changes is new steering rack ratios, new suspension geometry, and improved ergonomics in the cabin. A 6-speed manual is standard but there is a 7-speed, paddle-shifted sequential transmission on offer for drivers seeking a more frenetic shifting experience.

Ford Focus RS power, Avatar Roadster and Everything is Fully Customizable

The customers who are more focused on track performance can select a roll cage, limited-slip differential, data logger, stiffer suspension and aero enhancements. They also have two powertrains to choose from, the 2.3-liter inline-4 350-horsepower turbocharged engine borrowed from the Ford Motor Company Focus RS. The other option is a 2.0-liter inline-4 250-hp turbocharged engine borrowed from the Focus ST.

Either engine will deliver impressive performance because it has just 1,532 pounds to lug around. The 250-hp model accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds and the 350-hp model in just3.6 seconds. The top speed is around 150 mph in either configuration.

50 examples will be built and the production will be handled by fellow British firm Marlin sports cars and. Avatar is offering three-year warranty, an unlimited mileage, and the engine service can be handled at any Ford dealership. Unfortunately, availability in the US is not expected.