When getting snowed in is not an option, you need a vehicle that you can rely on. A budget of around $6500 is what you need to get a good used four-wheel- drive car that will cope with the worst of the winter weather. We call them “Winter Beaters," and we’ve chosen five cars, which are the safest and the best option for winter. The finest part is that they don’t worth a fortune.Winter. Slippery surfaces, road salt and seemingly eternal darkness…getting around your city’s roads in winter cannot be a joyous experience. It is no wonder why people turn to the reassurance of the four-wheel- drive to get them through all this. And honestly, with the prices of used cars today, that is not as expensive option as someone might think.
We’ve chosen five used cars to prove you that you can easily find a flavorsome four- wheel-drive for less than $6500. And no, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a big SUV to be a winter-safe vehicle.
Let’s start from the biggest one here – BMW X5 (2000-2006). This is a satisfying winter- proof choice for enthusiasts. The one we recommend is a 4.4 V8 model. The 2004 model has 320bhp, and since it is an all-wheel drive, with a 4.4-liter V8 engine, it drinks as much fuel as an Airbus A380, but it is still cheaper than a “fairly average” new car. The E53-generation X5 was BMW’s first big 4×4, which led to the nickname SAV or Sports Activity Vehicle. A 2004 model, with 99,700 miles and full service history costs around $6200.

bmw x5

A smart bland of fraction and fuel economy you’ll get with the Honda CR-V. It’s an easy-going car to drive and to get up steep hills in the worst of the winter snow even ice. It is the friendliest 4×4 you can have on a budget, and the best part is that it is small enough to be manageable by the least confident driver but big enough to take all the family. It offers great visibility and light. Every model has a part-time four-wheel drive, which is a set up to minimize the excessive fuel consumption on the road but automatically turns up the traction when the going gets slippery. A 2006, 2.0 I-VTEC Executive with 66.000 miles costs $6200.

honda crv-2006

We’re moving on with the Audi TT (1998-2006). An owner of 3.2 DSG quattro model says that even on country roads cover it mud it goes whenever you tell it to go, without misbehavior or fuss. So, having a study winter hack and Audi TT does not necessarily mean compromising on style.

audi tt-2006

Next is Suzuki Jimny, basic but quite a brilliant. The one we recommend is a 2010 model, 1,3 SZ3. The Jimny is a seriously capable off-road ride with a low-range gearbox and a ladder-frame chassis. Some owners say that they have been found in a situation when they helped people in Land Rovers. So, wet roads or covered by a snow are not the obstacle that Jimny cannot overcome.

suzuki jimny

The last but not least – Volvo XC70. You can enjoy the comfortable drive and needn’t to worry to get stuck. It is a very good substitute of an SVU. The only thing that can go wrong with this car is to feel disappointed whenever the roads have only a bit of a snow because that way you can’t go and have a bit of fun with your Volvo.