In and out with a stolen truck in just SIX MINUTES. It’s definitely a film-style heist. Well, this isn’t happening every day.  A gang stole $3.75 million USD worth of engines from Jaguar Land Rover’s UK plant. What is crazier, is that they did it in 6 minutes and under full video surveillance.

According to the Birmingham Mail, the thieves didn’t have some big plan, we would say, they were just lucky. What they did, is that they stole a truck, drove up to the building, went right through the security gate, hooked the truck up to a trailer full of engines, and left.

All that in just 6 minutes. Once they stole the first trailer, they came back again. What is even crazier, their plan worked again. Allegedly, there was a bit of luck but also a right paperwork to get through security.

A clear breach of security might mean something else than a careless security guard. It’s not always that thieves know where their treasure is placed or to know what is the necessary paperwork.

The stolen trailers have been recovered but not the engines. In case you find the engines, though, the West Midlands police would like to hear from you.
Even Jaguar has offered a “substantial reward” to those who can help finding the missing engines.