Very few cars are the epitome of the 1980s with a good style as the Ferrari Testarossa.  Produced from 1984 to 1991 with more than 7,000 samples, Testarossa is one of the most prominent Ferrari models of all time,  thanks to the elegant design and the unmistakable Pininfarina side air vents.

But despite the rugged look and centrally positioned engine, Ferrari Testarossa is not a supercar,  at least not according to the legendary Harry Metcalf. This particular car in the latest episode of Harry’s Garage is from 1987 and is a new car in his collection.

With the 4.9-liter 12-cylinder inline engine and 390 horsepower, Testarossa is not a slow car even by today’s standards. In 5.3 seconds, it sprints from O-6k mph and has a top speed of 180 mph.

However, all this is not enough for a supercar,  as Harry will explain in the video below.