Those who couldn’t get their hands on a LaFerrari Aperta are now given the second chance. Ferrari has always been clear that they are not to build an SUV, but being a publicly traded company which is no longer safeguarded by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, it needs to continuously grow to keep the stockholders happy.

It’s not that they aren’t,  taken the fact that the Italian automaker managed to break a sales record in 2016 thanks to a 38 percent increase in fourth quarter sales. Let’s see Ferrari’s plans to keep up momentum.

The plan is simple – to build more cars like the LaFerrari Aperta.  Last year, all 200 units of the hybrid convertible have been sold, but like that’s not enough,  Ferrari has recently given a rough idea to increase profit by a minimum of 8 percent during 2017 and put a target to build 9,000 cars per year by 2019. 2017 will be a crucial year for Ferrari since it hopes to sell 8,400 vehicles and to bring in $1.02 billion of income in 2017, surpassing the $947 million of realized income it saw in 2016.

Ferrari has always been proud to say that its supply of supercars is lower than demand is moving the goalposts in a way that it will gradually expand production of its special edition vehicles. That’s the only way it meets its goal.

The report claimed that Ferrari NV is planning to increase profit by at least 8% during 2017 by making more special-edition supercars. It’s nice to see cars like the $2.1 million LaFerrari Aperta in more samples. By the way, this car helped revenue and earnings reach records in 2016.

Ferrari J50-488 Spider image 1

This seems like a reasonable goal for Ferrari, especially when considering that it has 70 different configurations created by Tailor Made atelier to sell for each of its iconic models during  2017 in order to celebrate its 70th anniversary. We’re not doubting that the 350 Ferrari models will carry a premium that collectors will be more than happy to pay. Opposed to its competitor McLaren, the Ferrari will not lower the price to sell more cars by any chance. Its strategy is obvious, it will the rich buy more of its cars.

Good luck, Ferrari, we believe in you!