Ferrari announced two impressive illustrations that reveal the possible appearance of future “Formula 1” cars and judging by the positive reactions of the public, the Italians are perhaps on the verge of the winning concept.

Although looking as a futuristic car at first glance and seemingly opposed to the current design, we must specify that it is made by the same basic rules, including the same engine and tire size.

With this move, Ferrari clearly shows that the revolution in “Formula 1” is possible, is relatively inexpensive and has no major changes in the technical rules. On the other hand, it requires some changes in the rules relating to aerodynamics, chassis, and body.

ferrari future F1 bolide
Italians reported more detailed information about these renderings, but it is indicative that they will present it on the same day on the F1 Commission in Geneva, where they should make key decisions for the future of high octane circus-Formula 1.

Among the materials that the Committee will review, we have two alluring hints – wider tires and stronger engines.