The all-new and handsome Ferrari California T Turbocharged has been revealed. Ferrari offered the first official photos of the so-called mysterious model, referred to as 149M Project. As assumed, it is a modernized version of the model California with the letter T at the end of the name. The sporty version with a hard retractable roof will have a world premiere at the Geneva show.

Since it is “born” as an independent model, 2008 Ferrari California is the most acceptable Ferrari, because many people believe that the sum of $200,000 is very reasonable for a car like this one. So far, the plants in Maranello went over 8,000 copies of Ferrari California, for 5 years, making it a very successful model, although there were some critics from the start of its launch, especially addressed to the design of the rear side. For all Ferrari fans, these comments were taken as NOT friendly.

The new Ferrari California T will rely on 3.8 – liter turbo V8 engine, instead of the previous 4.3 -litter. This will not only contribute to 15 percent of fuel savings, but also to the additional power of 70hp, or 553hp total. The weight of the California T is reduced to 200 pounds, making it able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds.

The Magnaride automotive suspension system certainly contributes to some changes, both in driving properties and in comfort, otherwise, the suspension is completely magnetic. The carbon – ceramic brakes are featured on new composite disc and pad.

California T greatly differs from its base modification, which means it is not the “usually face lifting” we’re talking about. Check out the Ferrari California Gallery: